Starting anew without using Hashicorp products

End of summer 2023 is like many others. Hot. With a spice of drama and outrage. For software communities, the trend unfortunately is the same.

In mid August, Hashicorp dropped an infinitesimal bomb. All their software would be stripped from their open source license. Replaced with business source license for four years to a release.

I won't go into what the license entails. The thousands of community posts throughout the internet likely fill that void.

Instead, reflecting what a delay in open source means. To collect my thoughts. And I came up with essentially Hashicorp decision is their own. While I can sympathize with their reasoning, it doesn't mean I agree. Nor do I need to agree with the company.

For me personally, the license means a time of change. Moving away from almost exclusively Hashicorp software. There are literal thousands of alternatives available. Maybe not as seamlessly interconnected. But none the less, the options exist.

I already have my eyes set on a bunch of shinny things I wanted to try. But been dragging my feat. Precisely due to ease of use Hashicorp products have provided. Though now, going to actually try something different.

This time around, I'm going to write out my thoughts on what I end up building. So maybe, the built infrastructure can help others.

#hashicorp #license #software