Take Your Rest And Sleep

One of the most essential parts of your day is the time you spend sleeping.

On average, humans spend about 26 years sleeping. However, that's only the average. Not necessarily the norm. In fields with high stress work loads, sleep deprivation tends to escalate, along with degradation of time and focus. Sometimes these environments' workload may put you, in a position to remove your moments of rest, to finish work set out for the day. You not only are sacrificing the circadian rhythm for sleep, you end up becoming void of your memory of that day.

It turns out sleep plays a forever growing role in the ability to record memory and learn. When you remove your time of rest, you end up removing your ability to learn and most importantly remember.

From an anecdotal perspective, I have been able to adapt and learn more with succumbing to sleep than when I've stripped away. The realization of its importance has made me appreciate the necessity of the hours I lay on my bed.

The interesting part of sleep is that there are multiple different patterns towards getting a good rest in the night. It's not all just one block of eight hours in your bed. Learning above the different types, I have become adapted to the biphasal segmented sleep pattern. Essentially the idea is you sleep in two 3.5 hour cycles. For each cycle, you wake up and do something of light brain activity. So when you enter the next core sleep cycle, you end allowing yourself to have four cycles total of uninterrupted REM sleep for the night. In doing so, waking up gives sort of jolt of energy for the day ahead.

Biphasal segmented sleep has helped me immensely absorb, learn, and recover from the activity I've had in the day past. Yet, that's not to say the pattern is for everyone. Others may end having better rest with single blocks of sleep. Some may even require to have a siesta in their day to truly feel energized.

Whatever is the pattern for your sleep, it is what helps you actually achieve the goals you set out to do. Not the overwork or deprivation of bodily necessities.

So take the rest as important as you should, and sleep.

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