Use Asynchronuous Messaging

The fad of moving to instant messaging chat tools gives the impression they are the only way to communicate on the internet. Instantaneous form of communication can be anxiety inducing, stressful, and overall time consuming. However, if you instead like to use your time to relax and compose your thoughts, think of using asynchronous messaging.

Asynchronous messaging is everywhere and you most certainly already are familiar with. Especially with the most common one, your email. While, there are many examples of its abuse (looking at you Google), email is still prevalent everywhere for a reason. Not only is email decentralized and thankfully not yet owned by single a entity (again, looking at you Google), but it is also excellent for working remote. With an email, you can reply to conversations at your own leisure, rather than someone's else. That empowering moment to reflect of what you will say is very much important to how you collect your thoughts.

Even with the way people communicate with one another on the internet changes due to these delays between messages. That's not to say asynchronous messaging is the only route to use. Sometimes you do need that instant mode of sensory input. But those type of modes of communication should be used after you've expressed a thread of a conversation in an async manner. Which can also mean your instantaneous mode of communication become more fruitful, as both you and your colleagues would have more insight into what the conversation would be about.

The best part of asynchronous messaging only shines brighter when you have a team that is distributed. The further you are between co-workers, the more it is vital you understand that your teammates are not available at your time. Meaning, you can recognize their time is just as precious as your own. They are only available, when its their work hours hopefully. Sometimes not even the same region or even a near timezone as you. So being mindful and expressive in your mode of communication is key. So you can go and spend less time trying communicate what you need and actually communicate what you need.

So here's to using asynchronous messaging. Use it first when you can. Only after do you then leave the spam that is instant messaging to come in, if needed.

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